Hackstock 2016 Immersive Arts

hackstock VR girl

A collaboration between SCI-FI-LONDON and PSYCHFI,

HACKSTOCK is making science fiction a reality. Holograms, virtual reality, mind control… Not as far fetched as you might think. We witnessed and experienced the sensory stimulating experiences first hand.

So what is #HACKSTOCK?

#HACKSTOCK is the cyberdelic brain child of altered state pioneers, tech dreamers, creators, and hackers transcending the limitations of perception and reality.
It was easy as pressing a button or putting on a VR headset, and letting the mind explore.

But we’re talking about so much more than just VR: holograms, augmented reality, 360 social video and live experiential, Time Run (role play), haptic technology (wearable tech), drawing within a virtual space…. there were workshops, panels, popup hacker experiences, and Talkaoke, a spontaneous pop-up talk show and participant-led discussion around the ‘UFO’ of chat…. all taking place under one roof for 4 days.

The amazing event brought creatives, hackers, tech enthusiasts, geeks, alternate reality seekers… anyone intrigued by this new wave of powerful technology out to play. And rightly so, it was more than we’d even imagined it would be…