Croydon Tech City – A brand new year

croydon tech city- at tmrw hub

It was a great opening event for 2017, on the bill was the head of technology for the Home Office, Sarah Wilkinson. So as the crowds entered the state of the art building known as TMRW it was clear that this evening would be special. Many new faces appeared, press were present, and the regular attendees catching up with each other as they exchanged stories of the recent festive season. But what was so exciting for Croydon, is that the Home Office see the potential of Croydon, so much so they are bringing their whole tech department of 1500+ strong workforce to the borough and vowed to assist local businesses in this arena.

You can read more about the presentation here.

Interested in attending a Croydon Tech City event? visit their website here for all events, details and more.

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