Croydon Citizen turns 5 years old

Celebrating 5 years of news stories

It takes vision, determination and pure hard work…

to establish a publication that produces content daily and is steadily expanding its readership. That’s excactly what The Croydon Citizen have achieved, and against the tide of a digital current, where traditional press media have shifted their delivery to online services to meet audiences where they spend much of their time… ‘online’.

The driving force steering this print and digital publication rests with James Naylor, Liz Sheppard-Jones and Tom Black. We congratulate them and wish them huge success for the future. But what does the future hold for them…?
Well they’ve written a little bit about their journey so far on their website

Read more of their articles and features here. Maybe you fancy putting your hand to writing, maybe you fancy having your words published, maybe you should get in touch with them as I’m pretty sure they welcome new contributors to a wonderful ‘citizen-led’ publication.

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  • Liz Sheppard-Jones with Josi Kiss
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  • Liz Sheppard-Jones
    Liz Sheppard-Jones
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  • The Croydon Citizen is 5
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